Title: Companionship /kəmˈpanjənʃɪp/
Stylist / Creative Director / Art Director | Johannesburg
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Companionship /kəmˈpanjənʃɪp/ noun 1. a feeling of fellowship or friendship. "the love and companionship of marriage" synonyms: friendship, fellowship, closeness, togetherness, amity, intimacy, rapport, camaraderie, comradeship, solidarity, mutual support, mutual affection. We spend most of our lives trying to figure out who we are and building our identities. It’s no wonder one of our biggest fears is that we’ll lose ourselves once we’re in a relationship. As it turns out, most committed relationships travel through a fairly predictable arc with respect to changes in partners’ mutual fulfilment over time - alas, to be or not to be? This series serves to explore the intrinsic notion of becoming “one” in a relationship, and the various cycles individuals go through in trying to maintain a sense of self on their journey to creating a holistic balance.
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