Title: Ek-stravagant Epistolary Series
Stylist / Creative Director / Art Director | Johannesburg
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Ek-stravagant Epistolary Series extravagant /ɪkˈstravəɡ(ə)nt,ɛkˈstravəɡ(ə)nt/ 1. Expensive, excessive, and over the top. Example: “A modest chandelier in your dining room is normal. But crystal-studded walls and gold-plated goblets? That's a bit extravagant.” The ‘Ek’ (meaning ‘I’ in Afrikaans) in Ek-stravgant serves to communicate the comforting yet over the top gestures, accents/ expressions and fashion statements expressed by the individuals from the coloured community at large. These notions are explored through the superfluous use of accessories and poses by both subjects throughout the series. The word epistolary comes from the Latin word epistola, meaning a letter. An epistolary novel is written as a series of documents. The usual form is letters. In seventeenth-century France letters were part of a codified system of social relations. All interactions among members of the upper classes, such as the declaration of passionate love, were governed by the conventions of polite, well-bred behaviour. The prints on the two main garments which are featured throughout the series make reference to 18th Century Epistolary with themes that were heavily centred around love. Thus, in addition to the garments depicting an ambiance of “letters of love”, the different prints on each garment symbolise the different views that people have regarding questions of morality. As the Ek-stravagent Epistolary Series traverses through different expressions of light and greenery, the overall series was inspired by themes and emotions of intrinsic love, passion and pride through flamboyant individuality.
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