Title: A target on our culture
Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Art Director / Creative Director / Costume Designer / Fine Artist | Paris and Londres
Full atargetonourculture
This artwork represents how the Black and African cultures are put at risk and put down at every level. Black cultures have been used, degraded, bannished, forbidden and stolen since the XVth century and still now, our cultures are way too often judged, minimized and taken for the glory of fashion and urban culture. So many African artifacts have been stolen and are now exhibited in European or American muséums and art galleries. Even some of them are spread accross the globe and now bélong to private collectors . Those artworks are art for sure. But they are spiritual, sacred and mystical ones. They should not be used to decorate, to get money from or for any folklore aspect. By being stolen, they have been defiled, disrespected and despised. As every aspect of the Black and African cultures. Looted and exhibited for the beauty and the « exotic » spirit disregarding their sacred purpose.
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