Title: The Sartists
Andile Buka
Photographer / Art Director | Johannesburg
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his series explores aesthetics of taste and class while blurring the world between art and sports. Unifying elements of his- tory, fashion & old narratives into a single tableau. We used texture to evoke a sense of emotion (lace, mesh & wool through costume) plays on our proclivity towards nostalgia. This series was created with long time collaborators (The Sartists) and brothers year 2014, the portrait series was created as a result of wanting to challenge previously edifice ideas of what it means to be black or African in modern society.Both projects started out as an idea about the untold stories of urban black sports culture and black identity. The project highlights South African athletes, people who went through difficult circumstances, the remnants of colonialism and apartheid when sports was seen as a novelty for black people, a “white mans” activity. During those dark times there was little, to no voice by black people for black people. These athletes used sports to give black culture an identity, which we still use as a reference in South African his- tory. The aim with the project is to challenge previously conceived ideas of South African black culture that have social and cultural impacts using clothes that were seen only being worn by only white people.
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