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Forsman & Bodenfors is a global creative collective working to unlock the power of creativity through collaboration in order to build the most human and iconic brands and businesses in the world. Forsman & Bodenfors’ client roster includes Volvo, P&G, Google, Diageo, Hyatt, LG, LVMH, Adidas, General Mills, Jaeger-LeCoultre, iRobot, and H&M, among others. In 2018, Fast Company named the agency one of the most innovative companies in the world while Ad Age named it one of its agencies to watch in 2019. Forsman & Bodenfors has over 600 team members across seven offices in Gothenburg, New York, Stockholm, Toronto, Montréal, Shanghai, and Singapore. To learn more about Forsman & Bodenfors, please visit 

The Role: 
Forsman & Bodenfors is looking for an Art Director with digital and social experience to join our team. This person will spend the majority of their time working on a financial services client. This Art Director role requires a strategic thinker with an ambitious spirit and the ability to champion F&B’s work, culture and process. 

 The person will work within a flat, flexible team structure and will be expected to collaborate across disciplines. This team is full of self starters. Ones that can take on problems on the fly, are nimble and can have fun while doing it all. You are positive, proactive and naturally at home in an organic, team-motivated environment. 

The ideal candidate has a skill set that includes art direction and design. Animation skills would be a huge plus. 

You will be tasked with executing social posts, site design, CRM/emails in existing brand guidelines but will additionally be called upon to create unique brand and campaign looks. 

Generate and develop core creative, digitally centric, campaign concepts.

Pitch creative concepts to internal teams and clients.

Work on new business initiatives when available and when the need arises.

3-4 years of experience making beautiful things and a portfolio that shows it off.

All the organizational, communications and project-juggling skills you need in a sometimes chaotic creative environment.

Ability to work independently as well as a team environment.

You can work with other disciplines and clients to understand feedback and even take it sometimes. 

You can work with strategy and other creatives to take a boring brief and make a thumbstopping piece of social content or PR sensation.

You're plugged into culture and hungry to make work that takes over culture.

Here’s how our Creatives contribute to making world-class creative work. 

Big thinker. We want to make the world a better place by helping our clients communicate their best selves and do interesting things that help people or the planet. We need creatives who share these ambitions--and don’t just want to make a funny TV spot. 

Ego-less. Our creatives need to hear feedback and, when it makes the work better, take that feedback. They need to be willing to take on all sorts of creative tasks and collaborate with colleagues and clients. Detail-oriented. Our creatives are eager to learn the ins and outs of our clients’ business in order to get to work that’s true, unique and differentiated from the competitor. They have to be interested in shaping strategy, not just taking a brief. 

Our principles + values

1. We always aim for world class. Does that seem like an obvious statement? Well, it isn’t. Most creative agencies aim for world class only with some clients – while we do it with all clients.

2. The responsibility is yours. At Forsman & Bodenfors, no one will give you instructions. You are in charge, together with your team. Success is in your hands and no one will stand in your way. 

3. The collective is our Creative Director. Each integrated team, with its account, strategy, creative, media, tech, production and other team members, is expected to work closely and openly in an interdisciplinary way. The ideas that you create can only be truly integrated when you work in a collaborative, kind, generous and egoless way. “The Floor”. We call our collective work model.

4. “The Floor.” The name is from F&B’s early days when ideas were laid out on a floor for all to review and provide feedback. Today, “The Floor” exists both in the real world and virtually, facilitating global collaboration between offices. 

5. The only boss is the task itself. One of the biggest benefits of the Forsman & Bodenfors’ way of working is that it allows us to spend our time figuring out how to solve the problem. 

6. Strategy and Creative is one process. We pick up the client brief together, and from there it is up to us - strategists, account people, creatives, technologists, media planners, producers - as a team. 

7. We work closely with clients. Our clients will get to know the people who actually do the work. And the people who actually do the work will get to know the clients; their industry, their challenges, products, business, heritage, their soul. 

8. When it comes to recruiting, we want the right people, not just the right qualifications. When we hire, we look for two things. Specialists who respect and know how to play well with team members from other disciplines. Or Swiss Army knives: creatives who are strategic and strategists who are creative, media people who can code, engineers who are designers, producers who can edit. All have to be collaborators and entrepreneurs. 

9. We embrace a “no frills” approach. Let’s apply a common-sense filter on everything. Let’s make the complicated simple. Let’s make sure we know enough to say what needs to be said in a few powerful words. Let’s make presentations that our mothers and fathers would understand and our best friends would like. Let’s be stupid smart. It takes some confidence, but we have it. 

10. Forsman & Bodenfors is a human workplace. We are committed to creating and fostering a collaborative, diverse and inclusive culture and work environment across the global collective. The richness of different ideas, backgrounds and perspectives creates world-class creativity. Diversity is what makes the difference. Inclusion brings us together. 

11. We can make the world better (or worse). We have the power to change things. Opinions, ideals, attitudes and what people choose to do. And we want to have a positive impact, not only on our clients’ business, but also on society. 

 We are an equal opportunity workplace committed to creating a team culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. 

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