Title: Babushka Queen
Mfundo Mokotong
Creative Director / Fine Artist / Visual Artist | Johannesburg
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The 'Babushka' has been worn by a number of influential people amongst youth culture, it has been seen as a style item that became a fashion statement. It is what a Russian grandmother wears. But in the Russian language, a “babushka” means a grandmother. However: The babushka has made rounds on the runway over the past few seasons at Vetements and Gucci. Rappers and musicians have since adopted. My take on the babushka was to represent it in a middle age context, using my mother as a model to show the timelessness and evolution of style whether young or old, to bring my mother who is two decades older than me into my world but representing it visually, making her a subject of relevancy. It also symbolizes the idea of a crown because it is covering her hair/head, the babushka is gold in colour symbolizing wealth and riches in an African context, taking references from old Russian grandmother style and to high fashion then representing it from a township context which speaks to the power of imagery.
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