Title: Work From Home: The New Normal
O'shane Howard
Photographer / Creative Director / Cinematographer | Toronto
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he presence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has introduced many restrictions for non-essential workers. Employees have been forced to execute from home, as we adjust to this new normal. The recent pandemic has also put a halt on elaborate productions, as we are prohibited from gathering in large groups. In collaboration with Sunday School, we began to think of ways to produce a relevant story in a safe, concise, yet striking fashion. We developed a concept named Work From Home which documents life from home in a vibrant, colorful, and pleasing manner. Crystal Rowe is an entrepreneur, model, and insurance rep, that brightens the room with her beaming smile and versatile style. She invited us into her home over the span of a week, as we safely captured her energy fluctuations. Monday was happy, Wednesday was moody, and Friday was lazy.
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